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About ContentQuo
We're an early-stage Estonian tech startup 100% focused on simplifying data-driven translation quality management
Few other companies have bet all on a single-function product in an already niche vertical like translation & localization. We did, because we deeply believe that our industry's approach to quality needs a HUGE boost in order for us all to stay relevant in the 21st century of data-driven management and AI.

The only way for us to make an impact was building a product that makes language quality management with data accessible to the majority. By the majority, we mean teams and companies that can't afford to build expensive in-house solutions.

We are also fans of modular, specialized, integratable products that form entire ecosystems. We're intent on building the best of 'em modules on the market for linguistic quality assessment, translation quality evaluation, and localization quality management. Give quality management superpowers to your TMS, we say! Or use it standalone.

Note: being 100% focused on technology means that we don't sell linguistic quality management services. There are smarter folks to do that. For example, you!
Our Founders: 40 Years in Translation
We are not strangers to this industry. We've ran your projects, and we've purchased your services. Now we build technology to make both of these easier.
Kirill Soloviev
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
A former Global Director of Localization for an international software product company, Kirill is now designing a product that users will love! That's pretty much the only big thing he hasn't done in this industry after all those years.
Alexander Slepak
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
A veteran translation company owner turned CTO, Alexander makes sure our product is actually getting built the right way. He keeps the engineering team on track, focused, and using the best technologies for the task at hand.
Talk to us
We are an early-stage, small startup team that moves fast. We are friendly, and we LOVE talking to people about translation quality! Email us directly or fill out this form and you'll hear from us shortly.
Our address: Laki tn 19, Tallinn, Estonia, 12915
Our legal name, if you ever need that: ContentQuo OÜ