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ContentQuo at GALA Munich 2019
Our co-founder Kirill will give a talk about how larger LSPs organize their Translation Quality Management programs, and how the best in class differ from the rest of the pack.
25 Mar 2019
ContentQuo is really happy to be back to GALA Annual Conference in Munich after a 2-year break.

This time, join our co-founder Kirill on Monday March 25, 2019, to listen him talk about 4 Steps to Epiphany: Streamlining Translation Quality Management at Larger LSPs.

If you represent a bigger LSPs, this will be a great chance to do gap analysis and benchmark your quality operations with your competitors.

If you come from a smaller LSP, you'll still be able to learn how translation quality is managed at scale -- and perhaps find a few elements you might want to borrow for your own company.

And if you work in a translation buyer organization, you'll have a perfect understanding of what to demand from your LSP in terms of translation quality.

Either way, we hope to see you there soon. Prost!
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