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New to translation quality?
Manage your translation quality with data, not rumours
ContentQuo makes it easy to start measuring translation quality and managing it in a data-driven, standards-based way. Organize & run analytical quality evaluations of your translated content. Analyse the data & get valuable insights on how to reduce your quality risk.
Are You Challenged by Translation Quality?
Hard to Define
Every living person inside (and outside) your organisation is entitled to their own opinion of what "good" localized content actually is
Hard to Measure
There is no single, formalized way to quantify quality across your localization programs, customers, language pairs, and content types
Hard to Improve
When you think you've nailed one source of quality issues, 10 more pop up faster than you can say "Renato Beninatto" (yikes!)
How to Start Managing Your Translation Quality
Define What Quality Means
In the world of translation quality, one size doesn't fit all. What aspects of quality are crucial for success of your (or your customer's) content? What distinguishes a good translation from a bad translation? You choose.
Measure Quality & Gather Data
Once you have defined what good quality is, you can start measuring your translations against that defined profile. Quality evaluations produce lots of invaluable data that must be centrally stored to be useful.
Analyze Data to Get Insights
Once you are regularly measuring your translation quality against predefined profiles, you can start making sense of your data. What trends are there? Where are key risks? Keep your eye on your stats and look for insights!
Fix Issues & Improve Processes
Once you pinpoint the root causes of deficient quality, you can fix the poor translations, provide feedback to your vendors, and adjust your process to prevent those issues from reoccurring. Sounds easy? We dare you try!